Client Touchpoints

Letting Your Clients Know You Care

Who doesn’t want to impress the pants off of their clients? Going that extra mile is a guaranteed way of letting your clients know that they’re an important part of your journey. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, a cute card, or a friendly follow up, we have your back. 

Some great reasons to send a client touchpoint: 

  • Client birthdays
  • Wedding anniversary 
  • Holidays
  • Congrats
  • Follow-up gifts

We offer customized cards for various occasions. And because we know you’re incredibly busy, we can send/order everything for you. We’re even going to be adding a store in the near future so you can choose touchpoints right from your screen! 

Who doesn’t love getting a little extra love every once in a while? Leave the love spreading to us— because we love it 😉