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Frequently Asked Questions


What countries do you offer your services to?

Currently, our services are offered to English speaking creatives WORLDWIDE! 

How will I know which areas I might most need help in?

Think about your creative process and which tasks overwhelm you the most. Chances are they are similar to others in this industry! Generally the creative’s critical pain points are keeping current on blogs, newsletters, and social media. Once we have these handled for you, we can discuss the following month if you want to add any of the other services, like client touch-points, public relations, etc. This gives you a chance to settle in and see how much more freedom you’ll already have!

How do I know how many hours I might need each month if I have never had a service like this before?

After your initial consult call, we’ll have a great idea of what you are looking for with our creative agency and services and will guide you to which package we think would be best. After your first month, you’ll have an even better idea of if you want to move up to more hours and get more badass BS handled, or stay right where you are! 

Are the task hours I receive per week or month?

The task hours you receive with your package are per month. There is an A La Carte option to add extra hours to your package each month if you need a “top up” or just a couple extra services that won’t take long.

What happens if I don’t jive with my Project Manager?

If you and your project manager aren’t jiving, we’ll replace them with a new one, no problem!

How do I know if my Content Creators are efficient in their tasks?

This is what they are not only trained to do, but love to do! You can rest assured knowing they will get it done, and it will take so much work and stress off your shoulders.

How do I delegate tasks to my Project Manager?

We require 3 days notice for a task prior to its due date. This ensures that there is enough time to do the task thoroughly, send it back for review, make any changes, and still get it done in plenty of time! If you have an urgent task, we can absolutely do our best to try to accommodate, but the 3 days sets everyone up for the most success. You and your dedicated team members will have quickly established the best way to delegate these tasks, whether it is via email, Trello, or Slack! 

Can I downgrade my package?

Yes, at the beginning of the next month.

Can I upgrade my package?

Absolutely! We require a month notice for upgrades as we need time to schedule our team.

Are all forms of communication billed to my task hours?

Yes, all emails, phone calls, and video chats do go towards your task hours. Communication is incredibly important for success, so this keeps everything right on track. And some creatives or tasks may require more communication than others depending on the level of detail, so this ensures that each Project Manager is entirely devoted to giving you the best possible one-on-one attention.

What is the cancellation policy?

While we will always be sad to see you go, we understand that this does happen or your work may be seasonal. So please give us 30 days written notice in advance of canceling services and we will be forever grateful!

How do payments work?

We do automatic payments via your credit card. This is one less thing you have to think about and we will send you a receipt each month! Easy peasy!

How will I know what my team is doing each week?

Your Project Manager will email you (or video chat, if you’d prefer!) once a week to give you an update on all of the tasks in the works and on what’s completed. The time will be tracked so you can see exactly how many hours were logged each week.

Do you handle social media?

Hell yes! We can strategize, provide captions and branded photography to keep your social media current! We got you!