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Pepper’s On-Boarding Process – A How To Guide

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Alright peeps! Let’s clear the air on how easy it is to start letting go of your every day business admin, and to starting your exciting, new friendship with your virtual assistant at Pepper – Your Badass Business BFF … Inc. (winky face).

A little back story here…

Pepper is the brainchild of a fellow creative entrepreneur and full-time photographer. Knowing the behind-the-scenes chaos that can sometimes be the creative industry, founding an outsourcing company that understands artists was the only thing that made sense. So here we are, a team of virtual assistants (who are also creatives and trained in the creative industry) to alleviate some of the extras that you no longer have to handle on your own.


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Creatives — like photographers, fashion designers, social media consultants, and professional bloggers — come to us when they are stuck in their business processes, swimming deep in tasks with no energy for the fun stuff – like business development, meeting with clients, or actually getting out there to shoot an incredible wedding.

Real world check in, friends. It is okay to put your hand up and say that you need help. We all don’t like doing it though, we get that.


Getting started!

So, you’ve heard of Pepper and you’ve already chatted with Stacey (CEO and Founder)! You’ve looked at our services and know exactly what you need us to take off your plate – or maybe you don’t quite know yet – that’s okay too. We have three packages of time to offer. We also accept special projects, cover your inbox over the weekends, and offer top up options too!


Let’s get into it!!


The first step will be to fill out a questionnaire that will help Pepper really get to know you. Take your time with these questions as your answers will help your virtual assistant learn more about your vibe, tone of voice, brand, your business goals, your sales process, your birthday (because presents!!), and all that jazz.


Pepper’s on-boarding process takes approximately 72 hours after your first video chat with your Virtual Assistant. Sometimes, you may really want to get into this and you’re feeling ready to go, but trust us when we say 72 hours.

The entire on-boarding process may feel a little overwhelming at times and we’re trying our very best to keep your creative heart at the forefront of our minds.


After your video chat with your new virtual assistant, he/she will send a followup e-mail outlining everything you’ve talked about together, from how this process works, to how exciting it will feel to let go of your first task… aka really friggin’ good!


Admin Outsourcing, Business Outsourcing, Creative Business, Photographers, Outsourcing for Photographers, Pepper, Business BFF, Pepper your badass business BFF

Introduction to Your Badass Portal

You will have your very own online Pepper portal to login into, where you’ll find all your important Pepper documents, such as invoices and contracts that are saved foreeeeever. Your virtual assistant will send you the URL and super secret password ASAP after your first video call.


Don’t worry, then your first Pepper invoice will arrive in your inbox (and on your portal). Once it’s paid, your virtual assistant is officially your new badass business BFF! Next up, you’ll see the official signing contract discussing the terms and conditions of working with Pepper, the services we are providing for you, and more business related info. Read through this carefully and electronically sign it.


Another official document that you’ll want to e-sign is an auto-renewal sub agreement. Here at Pepper, we know it is so much easier for our creatives when we automatically process your payment each month and send you a receipt, rather than adding another yucky to do list to your ever-growing list. This easy-to-sign document will also be in your badass portal. Don’t worry, Pepper is a month-to-month process, so if you don’t want to be BFFS anymore (major sad face), we won’t automatically charge you.


If you have any questions about any of this documentation, just ask! We’ll chat it out with ya!


Almost there…


Once your paperwork is signed off — WOOHOO! — your virtual assistant will need your login information (usernames and passwords) to start familiarizing him/herself with your CRM system, workflows, e-mail inbox, social media profiles, etc (basically whatever you’ve signed up for). When it comes time to forward your credit card information to your virtual assistant for automatic payments, we will only take that via a Zoom video call or phone call, for your financial security. We promise to keep all of this your login information, passwords, and credit card information safe for you.



Remember, your virtual assistant is here for you – completely and totally trust worthy – and is an extension of you in your business! Like an extra third arm — but less weird and awkward!


One of the last steps is to check out your personalized Google Drive folder. This is where your virtual assistant will store all of his/her projects. Take some time, bring a cup of tea, and read through the documents and folders that are saved in here for you. Some of these are worksheets to fill in about your workflow or how you’d like your virtual assistant to sign off in your e-mail.


In this Google Drive, you’ll also see a folder where you can upload your favourite photographs (of yourself and your work) and a quick bio – all really handy things that we can use for cross promotion on Pepper’s social media channels. Because sharing is caring!!


Sometimes our creatives want their virtual assistants to be right in the know. If you’re feeling this way, please send your calendar or online scheduler to your virtual assistant. Don’t worry, we are colour coding badasses and juggle a billion calendars at once – it’s no pressure for us. This way, we won’t be bothering you while you’re on vacation, or if you have a really important meeting at your day job, or if you need to pick your son up from childcare. It really helps us to do our job better and make your life EVEN MORE stress free.


That’s it! That’s all!

Wasn’t so bad, was it? Before you know it, your virtual assistant will be seamlessly making your business more efficient. Taking those yucky tasks off your plate, and serving them up for breakfast! Okay, not really, but you get it. This all may feel a bit overwhelming, but this is a very, very short lived period in your friendship with Pepper. You will feel SOOOO GOOOOD once its over!


Take the leap! We dare ya!

Admin Outsourcing, Business Outsourcing, Creative Business, Photographers, Outsourcing for Photographers, Pepper, Business BFF, Pepper your badass business BFF

Remember, success is not just rocking at your business and making bank — but also having a fulfilling personal life. By working with Pepper – Your Badass Business BFF Inc, you’ll realize that we’ve got your back.


So take the trip, book the brunch date – or read those books we know you keep buying but never do; you’ve got the time now!


Download your handy checklist for your own Pepper on-boarding process by clicking here.



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Rockstar Virtual Assistant
Pepper – Your Badass Business BFF