The Peppership

Our Manifesto

Sometimes, you just need to catch a break. And that little bit of support, that one opportunity, can make all the difference in the freakin’ world.

But, unfortunately, not everyone gets that break, and not everyone has access to the same opportunities. The photography industry is no exception. And that’s why we created the Peppership.

So, what’s the Peppership all about?

We want to give back by creating opportunities for promising photographers who could use a helping hand—whether they are from challenging backgrounds, oppressive circumstances, or marginalized communities. 

The Peppership is all about the recipient. Their passion, their art, their vision, their story. We are here to offer guidance, tools, and resources to help along the way.

The Peppership will be a not-for-profit, transparent entity and the foundation will have board members that we are excited to announce as they come on board.

The Peppership Bursary

The Peppership Bursary is a collection of tools and resources to support aspiring photographers, which may include photography gear, software, educational materials, and mentorship opportunities, based on the needs of the recipient. While there’s no way to guarantee a successful photography career, our goal is to set you up with the resources to help you get on the right path!

Telling your story

We want to tell our recipients’ stories to help open conversations, create a safe space for vulnerability, and offer hope to others who are struggling.

We also hope to form long-lasting relationships with our recipients, watching you grow and sharing your progress along the way!

The story behind the Peppership

Photography can change a life. It might sound kind of cheesy, but it’s true. We know from experience.

Our CEO and founder, Stacey, was a professional photographer for years before she started Pepper. Not being “allowed” to pursue an education, she started teaching herself and taking private lessons on her own, in secret. Eventually, she was able to create a successful photography business, which is what empowered her to find independence and escape the abusive marriage she’d been stuck in for 13 years.

Stacey attributes much of the success and happiness in her life today to her photography career. It’s more than a means of income—it’s a creative outlet and a door to a supportive community. It’s pretty freakin’ rad. 

Now it’s our turn to try to help someone create a life they love through the power of photography and its community!

Who can apply, and how?

Those who are interested can apply or be nominated. Applicants must include some information about themselves, including a short writeup or video about their passion for photography and how they feel the Peppership could help.

We encourage anyone with a passion for photography who has experienced hardship to apply. We’ll ask to see a portfolio, but don’t let that intimidate you—we know you may not have fancy training, gear or editing software. This is all about possibility.

We will do our best to choose recipients based on need and potential. But if you aren’t chosen the first time, don’t be afraid to apply for the next one!

To start, we plan to choose two recipients per year—one globally (that’s right, apply from anywhere in the world!), and one locally in the British Columbia Interior (in case you forgot, Pepper HQ is located in the land of toonies and toques).

Apply Now

Applications opening soon!


Want to be a Peppership Supporter?

Whether you are an individual or organization, you can support the Peppership by donating software, mentorship materials, gear, or money. Contact us at

We’re open to feedback and ideas, and know that this program will evolve as we continue to learn. Let’s keep working towards equality and making the world a more inclusive place for all you badasses!

High fives and positive vibes,
The Pepper Team