Pepper Pic-Time Services

Pepper’s Pic-Time Services are RAD!

We TOTALLY get it, dudes! Pic-Time setup and marketing services can feel a bit like scaling Everest for busy shooters—even the most tech-savvy ones in the bunch. 

This is EXACTLY why some of our Peppers chose to make it legit and get Pic-Time certified in ALLLL the Pic-time things—so we can help you get your Pic-Time shizzle out of a fizzle. (ie. We’ll help you get your storefront set up and get you running rad marketing campaigns lickity split!)

Pic-Time Certified

Here’s what we got cookin’ up for Pepper

Pic-Time Services:

Pic-Time Store Setup

Once your galleries are uploaded or migrated over, we will jump in and get everything set up!! This will include setting up your profile, logo, banking/payment options, product setup, pricing, a single campaign, and an educational walkthrough.

Pic-Time Simple Sales System

This campaign offers three different packages to your client after their gallery is uploaded. Before getting started, we will spend 20 minutes discussing your business pricing strategy and, once we have the campaign set up, we’ll spend 15 min reviewing the details.

4 Campaign/Automation Setups

If you have your galleries, profile, and store set up to perfection but would like to get your campaigns and automations set up for the whole year, we will have a consultation to plan what campaigns or automations need to be included. After the setup has been completed, we’ll spend 15 minutes going over all the details with you. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from any of the automations and campaigns that Pic-time offers, or we can create a custom offer for your clients.

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Pic-Time Store/Product Cleanup

If you are close to sharing your store but you would like some advice on what to offer, what print companies to use, and how to price your items, we will tidy things up for you based on your wants and your clients’ needs! This will include a 15-min consultation before we get started and 15-min walkthrough once things are cleaned up.

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Pic-Time Campaign or Sale/Coupon Setup

Need a quick and dirty campaign sent out before it’s too late! 

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Family Week
  • Or any holiday you would like to include
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Pic-Time Gallery Automation Setup

If you have your galleries set up and your store products and pricing conquered but you need to get automation set up for your galleries, we can help you set up any of the following (and spend 15 minutes walking you through the details) and assigning it to your galleries: 

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Anniversary Gift
  • Post-order thank you
  • Early Bird
  • Gallery Expiration
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