Boudoir Session Agreement

$79.99 USD

Creating a Boudoir Session Agreement that fits every session you offer is easier than you think! Even though Boudoir photography is very personal (and it’s essential to have expectations outlined for you and your client), it doesn’t have to be a painful process or one where you have to reinvent the wheel for every session! This contract outlines all important information and covers the expectations for you and your client!

Note: This document has been proofed by a lawyer, but please have your lawyer look over these as your laws may be slightly different depending on where you live.

If you’re shooting boudoir sessions, a boudoir session agreement is a MUST HAVE, so your clients and you know exactly what to expect from the session and what will or won’t be done with the images. This lawyer-reviewed contract is fully customizable for your biz and can be easily adapted to the rules of your region or country.