SEO Guide for Photographers 2022

$199.00 USD

As a photographer, knowing how to set your website up for SEO success is the difference between bringing in traffic and inquiries and…well, not. You can blast through this entire guide in a couple days and then follow the templates we’ve included to make sure your site is set up to kick some SEO ass. Plus, you’ll learn mad SEO skills that will help you continue to keep your site visible, searchable, and profitable. SEO isn’t rocket science, peeps! It just takes a little time to learn the RIGHT way to do it! Grab your copy today and let’s DO this!

Want to bring more traffic and quality leads to your site and BOOK MORE CLIENTS? Understanding how to set up your website for SEO success will bring you more traffic and MORE $$. This SEO Guide for Photographers is THE SHIT! Created by our seasoned (and spicy) Pepper photographers and our in-house SEO expert, we’ve compiled hours and hours of research, testing, and proven results into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for all photographers. It breaks down SEO for both blogging AND webpages, for all photographers in 2022, into easy-to-follow, actionable items that will up your inquiries, get the attention of your ideal clients, and, essentially, increase your $$ flow! It also has some spicy extras in it that aren’t in our SEO for Blogging Guide for Photographers!