Pepper SEO Audit

Pepper SEO Audits are the shit!

Pay attention, kids! You can have the prettiest, most navigable website on the interwebs, but if your SEO isn’t dialled in, ain’t nobody gonna be lookin’ at it. Womp Womp.

Does this sound familiar? Did you build yourself what you thought was the raddest website in all the land, yet nobody seems to be finding it and you’re not getting any inquiries or bookings? We feel ya, dude. That sucks. 

This is why Pepper offers SEO Audits for photographers and other creative entrepreneurs. We have some seriously badass SEO geeknerds around here who can’t wait to pick your website apart and then put it alllll back together again—like Humpty Dumpty…if he were a website, not an egg dude.
🐣 [WHY TF is there no egg emoji?]

Pepper offers two options for our SEO audits:


The Pepper Foundational Audit includes:

Making sure search engines are indexing ONE version of your website 

Checking your website speed for mobile and desktop optimization

Identifying “Zombie Pages” (pages that don’t need to be indexed by search engines) 

Locating indexing issues

Checking your organic traffic & giving an overview of who is searching for your site and from where

Identifying all weak areas in your On-Page SEO 

Identifying all backlinks driving traffic to your site

Identifying broken links 

Identifying weak content 

Analyzing your website architecture (how pages connect to each other and are indexed by search engine crawlers)



Once we’ve completed your website audit and we’ve sent you a full report outlining everything we’ve found that needs fixing, we’re going to take it a step further and brighten your dang day with our smiling, SEO-enthused faces.
Part of our website audit process is a face-to-face walkthrough (via Zoom or Google Meets) of the audit, with real-time feedback and explanations of everything. This will be your chance to get really clear on everything in the report and ask a bazillion questions (if you’re a bazillion questions kinda person 😳😂😂).



includes ALL of the above +

Keyword analysis & report of top-performing keywords

Competitor analysis & report of closest two competitors

 Blog audit to identify areas where your blog SEO can be improved

Analyzing UX signals (how users interact with your site) & report


This brings us to 👇

Pepper SEO Services

This is where we put it all back together again.

After the call, you can decide whether you want to implement all the suggested improvements yourself or if you want us to tackle them for you. If you decide that you’d rather spend your time on cool shit, like drinking beer or playing in the mountains, we’ve gotchu, boo! 
This will be a completely customized plan to go in and fix each of the above issues, as needed, on a per website/quote basis. 

If you’re a DIY kinda person, we also offer an SEO Blogging Guide for Photographers over in our PepperShop! It it packed full of tips, tricks, and information to rock your SEO on blogs AND it will also help you understand overall SEO better!

Let’s DO this! Contact Us!
Pepper SEO Audit Reality Check!

But wait! It’s worth noting that SEO isn’t something you do once and then just forget about ever doing it again, like bungee jumping or shaving off your long hair. It’s an ongoing maintenance kinda gig and, once you get it set up and running smoothly, you STILL have to check it regularly and tweak it here and there. So Pepper can get you to the running smoothly point with our SEO audit and services, but then it’s going to be up to you to take the reins and steer that wild SEO carriage all over the interwebs.

But don’t worry! We’ve going to give you so much helpful feedback and info that you’re going to feel like an SEO expert by the time we’re done with you. That’s what the call portion of the audit is for!

If you’re ready, let’s talk SEO