SEO Blogging Workshop for PHOTOGRAPHERS

August 24, 2021
9am PST

Are you ready for your blogs to FINALLY start getting some serious traction on Google?
Ready to get more traffic to your site? Ready to pull in more qualified leads and book more of your ideal clients?

Then you won't want to miss Pepper's upcoming
WORKSHOP that will teach you what you need to do to get your blogs to show up in online searches & bring in more client inquiries through your website!

Pepper's SEO for Blogging Workshop
is going to


Let’s break this shit down!

Here's what we're gonna cover:



  • Full-day Workshop on SEO for Blogging with Pepper’s in-house SEO expert, Jo (who was also a professional photographer for 11 years) AND a special presentation by the Narrative peeps, showing you how to add SEO to your Narrative blogs. 
  • Our rad af SEO Blogging Guide for Photographers (valued at $149 USD) that covers the 9 Steps you should be taking to get your blogs noticed on the Googs and put you in front of your ideal clients.
  • Fully interactive workshop, with ample opportunities to ask questions in real-time and see a working example of a blog that covers everything you’ll be learning!


We'll explain:

  • the TWO types of photography blogs and why you need to be doing BOTH;
  • how each type of blog helps your website AND builds your business in different ways; and
  • how and when to use each type. 

Keywords & Research!

We'll show you:

  • how to use the tools WE use to find the BEST keywords for blogs;
  • how to use those keywords to find the BEST blog topics in your niche; and
  • how to use those blog topics to outperform your competition and get your blogs to rank above theirs on search engine pages!

Links, headers, & image optimization

We'll show you:

  • how to set up and use all the different types of links properly (something not a lot of photographers know how to do!);
  • how headers are seen by search engines and how to use them to boost your search page position; and
  • the best sizes for web images, based on different platforms, and how to set them up for success!

writing the blog

We'll bring it all together and:

  • show you how to put  the info you’ve gathered into a blog in the proper format;
  • show you real-world examples of what an optimized blog looks like; and
  • show you pro tips and tricks to make sure you’ve put the blog together so it will get noticed! 

Adding SEO to the backend of sites!

We'll walk you through:

  • how and where to properly add SEO in the back of WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, and Showit!

how to publish your blog!

We'll outline:

  • the process WE use to publish and share blog content, including how we use each blog on multiple social channels, in multiple ways!

Blogging Templates overview!

We'll share:

  • three blogging templates we’ve included in our SEO for Blogging guide & teach you how WE use them to speed up the blogging process and be as efficient with our time as possible!