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You’ve worked so hard on your website! Now it's time to make it stand out and get noticed. Our badass SEO guide will give your site the shove it needs to get out there in the spotlight and shine!

Getting noticed = more traffic from potential clients = higher possible income.


Pepper's SEO Guide for Photographers


Let’s break this shit down!

SEO for Photographers in 8 SIMPLE Steps

step ONE


  • Learn the best tools to use to find the keywords that will help your website show up and be competitive.

step two

RESEARCH (for blogs & webpages):

  • Learn how to spy on your competition—that ranks on Page 1 of search engines—then use their content to move your site up in rankings and start competing for that number one spot. 

step three


  • Learn how to find and create high-quality links and use them to boost the value of your content in the “eyes” of search engines. 👀

step four


  • Learn how to use headers the right way to give yourself a virtual leg up on your competitors.

step five


  • Discover how to strategically use and set up images to push your content up in the rankings and give you yet another way of being found by search engines.

step six


  • Learn how to take Steps 1-5 and use them all to create rad content, EASILY. We’ve got some BIG ASS KNOW HOW (and actionable templates to follow) that will make your content creating life a heckuva lot easier, AND top freakin’ shelf.

step seven


  • It’s not as kinky as it sounds, we promise! 🤪 Learn how to top off all those previous steps with some final, 100%-essential tweaks that take your content to the next ranking level.

step eight


  • Learn how to take that rad ass content and send it out into the interwebs THE RIGHT WAY—the way that will make all your work WORTH IT!
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Reach a wider audience, and show them whatchagot!

This guide is the step-by-step process you need for SEO for blogging (and websites). I had a decent understanding of SEO beforehand, but after using this guide and booking a one-on-one call with Jo everything makes a lot more sense now! I was able to take this info and easily optimize all of my past posts, fix my website errors, and boost my SEO ranking. Now I use this guide as a checklist for every new post and it has made blogging much easier and more efficient. 100% recommend.

Jena Lee

Pepper’s SEO Guide for Photographers is such an awesome resource for anyone who has been blogging or working on their own website for years (or is new to the game)! ⁠Although I have been doing both for years, there was definitely a ton of information I wish I would have known straight out of the gate instead of learning it the long and hard way! This resource is succinct and easy to follow, with lots of helpful hints to get you to page 1 of Google! ⁠Definitely recommend for photographers and anyone who wants their website to rank high!


As a photographer, you are a creative badass with something freaking amazing to offer. Whether you’re a wedding photographer, family photographer, boudoir photographer, commercial photographer, alien photographer from outer space…or whatever…You capture important moments for people and businesses and we bet your work is dang beautiful. And you deserve to make a dang good living off it.

We’d bet what you have to offer and the content on your website or blog is f$%king AMAZING and incredibly helpful, but is anyone actually SEEING it?  

Understanding SEO and applying it to your content will change EVERYTHING! It makes the time and effort you put into writing content (both for blogs AND your website) TOTALLY worth it, AND gets that hard work noticed and seen by potential clients on search engines, like Google (something we Peppers like to call The Googs!).

The thing is, you CAN TOTALLY LEARN SEO and still be your creative, busy photographer self.

Learning SEO is JUST LIKE LEARNING TO USE MANUAL MODE in your camera! You didn’t master it and then become a photographer, you mastered it while becoming a better photographer.

SEO IS EXACTLY THE SAME! The trick is to learn it at your own pace in small, digestible pieces—exactly how we’ve set up our guide—and then apply little bits and pieces as you go, when you have time. Every little bit counts towards boosting your visibility in search engines and SEO is a marathon, not a sprint!

Here’s what will happen when you learn SEO:

We’ve done all the legwork for you! Our guide eliminates the need for you to:

Lisa + Wiley

Our Pepper team is full of seasoned photographers AND SEO experts who have been learning how to put this shit together for years. Our SEO Guide for Photographers is the result of all of our learning, experimenting, and proven results and, if it works for us, it will work for you!

If you DON’T LEARN SEO, here’s what will happen:

  • You won’t show up on page 1 of search engines when your fave venues and vendors pop up.
  • You won’t come up for potential and ideal clients.
  • You won’t pop up near the top of local searches.
  • You won’t show up above your biggest competitors.
  • You won’t have a chance to snag the clients that your competitors snag first because their sites show up above yours.
  • You won’t be able to take breaks from constant social media posts and engagement and constantly hustling for new clients.
  • You won’t understand the importance of quality over quantity content OR how to use it to your advantage.
  • You won’t attract BETTER clients and MAKE MORE MONEY.

You may have great content to share on your website and blog—whether that’s a wealth of helpful and relevant information and/or beautiful photos—but great content means jack if nobody can find it!


We made learning SEO seriously easy. All that’s left for you to do is GET STARTED!

Get all that and a WHOLE LOT more! Our SEO Guide also includes:

Specific instructions for photography websites & blogs!

The list of SEO tools that WE use, all the time, to make our SEO lives SO MUCH EASIER!

Tons of information on what NOT to do and how NOT to do it!

Do you feel a question coming on?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a web developer to learn SEO? 

Heck no! Anybody can learn SEO. Like we’ve said, SEO makes perfect sense when it’s broken down into actionable steps (which is exactly what we do for you in the steps of our guide).

I’m so busy, will I still have time to learn SEO?

#fuckyeah Once you learn the ins and outs of SEO, you can slowly make changes on the backend of your website and/or start adding it into your blogs when you have extra time here and there. However you put in the time, the payoff will be dang worth it!

What if I buy this guide, and I still need help, will you walk me through it?

You know it! If you need some one on one training we’ll book you in for a mentorship call with our SEO expert at a discounted rate so you get what you need! #wegotchuboo

It’s time to get started!