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StompSoftware: Making Photographers’ Lives MUCH Easier

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Ya’ll, StompSoftware is the best freaking thing to happen to photographers since unplugged weddings became a thing! 

Ironically, getting more time behind the camera is a huge win for any photographer. When it comes to managing your business, tasks like editing, generating albums, blogging, and image optimization will consume any inch of spare time you might have. That’s why we LOVE StompSoftware— software tools for photographers that help with some of the behind the scenes aspects of your photography business—guaranteed to give you back those epic, behind-the-camera hours you need! 

woman wearing orange and white checkered shirt working on a laptop creates a collage for a blog using StompSoftware, an affiliate of Pepper

StompSoftware Makes Life Easier for Photographers

Peeps, we get it. Running your photography biz can be effing HARD. And as you know, it’s so much more than taking rad photos!! At Pepper, we live for making life run a little smoother—exactly what StompSoftware does!

To put it bluntly, StompSoftware has created all the photographers’ tools that save you time in the office and get you back out in the field—where we know you want to be. #fuckyeah. From blogging to album design to file management, StompSoftware’s suite of photography software tools makes easy work of those tasks you’re always putting on the back burner.

If you’re sitting there wondering, “How in the heck do these people know what I should be doing behind the scenes?!” Well, we got the answers for ya! Our friends were looking for this very software—something to make these processes fun, cheap, and simple. Not much to ask, right? Apparently, it was—nothing existed! So, like any normal, amazingly sane, and super chill person would, they created it (Okay, superhumans, we get it. You’re the shit!). And thus, StompSoftware was born!



I mean, we wish! We’re just going to dive a little deeper into what you can get out of StompSoftware!

BLOG STOMP: Blog like a boss

BlogStomp makes quick work of resizing, branding, and optimizing your images for use on your blog, with built-in SEO tools to increase visibility online. Not only that, but it’s mega smart! This software can measure the available space on your disk, and it will custom create your image collection to fit in that space perfectly. I don’t know about y’all, but our heads aren’t doing that math anytime soon! ?


hand outstretched holding a digital SLR camera to take a selfie in a light snowfall as part of an album by StompSoftware


ALBUMSTOMP: Fast, fun, and flexible

AlbumStomp makes album design a breeze, with drag-and-drop design and automatic layouts sure to get your clients pumped. Not only is it amazing visually for your clients, it’s super easy for you to use! Everything is adjustable, customizable, and you can get all your comments and feedback right in there—ain’t nothing better than a one-stop album shop!

ALBUM PRÜFR: Share and proof your album designs online

AlbumPrüfr is the best album proofing value anywhere, giving your clients a private proofing interface and SMS-style feedback section guaranteeing fast and accurate album revisions. Your clients can write feedback on each spread, which makes it super quick and simple for you to run through and edit. Painless and affordable proofing, well deserving of a heck yeah! 

SPACESAVR: Reduce file size, not image quality

Ah! A tale as old as time—reducing your image size without losing the quality and integrity. In SpaceSaver’s words, “Optimize, don’t minimize”! Making quick work of in-house JPG optimization is simple with SpaceSaver, you can reduce file size by up to 80% while preserving optimal image quality for print or online use! So many wins. 


coffee cup, notebook, iPad and pencil laid out on a table to make client notes for an album in StompSoftware



If you can’t get over the amount of radtastical shiz StompSoftware is doing, then climb on into our boat because neither can we! Now get out of our boat and climb aboard the software ship, yo! Otherwise, she’s setting sail with all that behind-the-camera time you’ll be missing out on, and we can’t have that!

Seriously though, we get so mega excited introducing you to all our amazing friends, and we’re sure you’ll love them just as much as we do! Don’t forget to visit them on the StompSoftware website to check out the bundle deals—I mean, who doesn’t love a deal?!

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