Wedding Workflow Templates

  • 100 Wedding Photography Blog Prompts

    These 100 wedding photography blog prompts will help you make sure you never run out of ideas to write about for your wedding photography biz.

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  • Wedding Email Templates

    Wedding email templates shave SO MUCH TIME off the inquiry process and the back and forth between you and your potential (and booked) clients. This series covers everything from responding to initial inquiries to delivering galleries to reaching out to vendors.

    $19.99 USD
  • Wedding Day Questionnaire Combo

    When it comes to shooting a wedding, the more you know about your couple and their big day, the better experience you can give them! This wedding day questionnaire & family shot checklist will help you up your client-experience game by 1000 points!

    $19.99 USD
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    Basic Wedding Workflow + Touchpoints

    Finding your workflow groove as a wedding photographer can be challenging, but Pepper has taken all the guesswork out of it with this basic wedding workflow and touchpoints. Now you’ll be able to follow a proven process—from initial inquiry to handing over images and products—that has been tested (and approved) by many a wedding shooter in the Pepperverse. 

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Customizable Contracts

  • Wedding Photography Agreement

    If you’re shooting weddings, you MUST have a wedding photography agreement in place, to cover all possible outcomes. This lawyer-reviewed agreement is customizable to your biz and can be adapted to your country and laws easily.

    $35.99 USD
  • Photography Session Agreement

    If you’re shooting photography sessions, you should always have an agreement in place, just in case shit goes sideways (Hello, life!). This lawyer-reviewed contract is fully customizable for your biz and can be easily adapted to the rules of your region or country. It’s a great place to start!

    $35.99 USD
  • Boudoir Session Agreement

    If you’re shooting boudoir sessions, a boudoir session agreement is a MUST HAVE, so your clients and you know exactly what to expect from the session and what will or won’t be done with the images. This lawyer-reviewed contract is fully customizable for your biz and can be easily adapted to the rules of your region or country. 

    $35.99 USD


  • Blogging SEO Guide for Photographers — COMING SOON!

    Blogs not getting any traction? Understanding how to set your blogs up for SEO success will increase traffic AND bring in more potential clients. This course, designed for photographers and other creative entrepreneurs, will show you everything you need to know about SEO in easy-to-follow, actionable steps. Also comes with a bonus SEO Blog Template that will make every blog you write SO MUCH BETTER!

    $199.00 USD

Creative Biz Mentorship Calls 

  • Mentorships

    Sometimes, you just need a little extra help from peeps who know stuff and Mentorship Hangs with the Pepper team may just be EXACTLY what you need to take your biz to the next level AND start working smarter, not harder! Our Peppers can help you learn and get set up with essential tools like Pinterest, Pic-Time, SEO for blogs & websites, Google My Business, biz strategy, social media insights, and so much more! Check out the list of Hangs we have available and book with us!

    $295.00 USD$695.00 USD