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How AI Text Generators Can Boost Photographer Marketing in 2023

As a marketing agency that has worked with hundreds of photographers, Meet Pepper has been hearing a lot of questions lately about AI for photographers. More specifically, the use of AI text generators for marketing. 🔥

Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming in hot whether we like it or not and there’s no sense denying it. And it can be hella useful for entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds. 

But as a photographer, you might have some mixed feelings about the rise of AI technologies. Whether it’s because you’re worried AI might be coming for your job (yikes), or that using AI in your marketing might make you sound insincere or inauthentic, we feel you.

A beautiful blonde photographer taking photos to use in a photography blog she is outsourcing to the pepper blog generator to promote her business.

So here are some ways you can use AI to promote your business, along with warnings about where to draw the line and some tips to “keep it real”. 

AI is a huge topic, so in this article we’re focusing on something that pretty much any photographer can start implementing right away: Using AI text generators. 

What are AI text generators? 

AI text generators are computer programs that use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate human-like text. These programs are typically based on machine learning models such as neural networks, which are trained on large datasets of text to learn patterns and relationships between words and sentences.

AI text generators can be used for a variety of purposes, including content creation, language translation, chatbots, and more. Some of the most advanced AI text generators are capable of generating text that is nearly indistinguishable from text written by a human.

However, it’s important to note that AI text generators are not perfect, and the text they generate may not always be accurate, appropriate, or ethical. As with any technology, it’s important to use AI text generators responsibly and carefully evaluate the output they produce.

Those last three paragraphs were written by the AI text generator ChatGPT based on the prompt “what are AI text generators?”

Could you tell? 

Basically, you can put a prompt into an AI text generator and it will spit out written content to match. 

A prompts and answer in ChatGPT about how photographers can use AI text generators in their marketing to promote their photography business.

You can get pretty specific. The question I asked was pretty simple, but I could have asked it in a different way. 

For example, let’s see what happen when I ask ChatGPT Tell me how AI text generators can be helpful to photographers as lyrics to a punk song:

Verse 1:

Got my camera in my hand, but no words to say
Struggling to come up with captions every day
Then I heard about AI text generators, what a thrill
Finally found a way to get creative and chill


AI text generators, they’re the answer to our prayers
Helping photographers get the words they need, it’s all there
From social media posts to blogs and even captions too
AI text generators, we’ll never be at a loss for words anew

Verse 2:

No more writer’s block, no more wasting time
With AI text generators, we’re on the climb
Got our brand messages across with just a few clicks
No more worries, no more tricks


AI text generators, they’re the answer to our prayers
Helping photographers get the words they need, it’s all there
From social media posts to blogs and even captions too
AI text generators, we’ll never be at a loss for words anew


We’re photographers, we capture moments in time
But words can be just as powerful, it’s no crime
With AI text generators, we can elevate our game
No more feeling stuck, no more feeling lame


AI text generators, they’re the answer to our prayers
Helping photographers get the words they need, it’s all there
From social media posts to blogs and even captions too
AI text generators, we’ll never be at a loss for words anew


So if you’re feeling stuck, don’t despair
AI text generators, they’re always there
Helping photographers create content with ease
From punk rock songs to captions that please.

I see a big hit coming. 🌟

Kind of wild, right? As a professional content writer, I’d be lying if I said it never makes me feel a wee bit uneasy. 😅

But it’s all about changing with the times and using new technologies to your advantage. So let’s talk about how you can do that. 

How can AI writing generators help photographers?

Using AI writing generators for content marketing is catching on fast, and it’s understandable.

Producing new written content to promote your business all the time—whether it’s social media captions, web content, blogs, newsletters, or whatever else—ain’t always a walk in the park. Especially for creative entrepreneurs like yourself, when marketing your photography business can often feel like a whole second job on top of your first one. 

Essentially, using artificial intelligence to write content for you can help you save time and energy while putting more stuff out there to promote your business. 

Ways photographers can use AI text generators in their marketing

Here are some ways you can start using AI content writers to market your photography business, as well as some helpful prompts to use. And, of course, some tips to avoid going too far and sounding like a robot. 🤖

🔥 Quick hot tip: Not sure which AI writer to use? We recommend starting with ChatGPT. It’s free, easy to use, and its capabilities are pretty impressive. 

Using AI as a brainstorming tool

As an entrepreneur, you might not always have someone to bounce content ideas off. Whether you’re trying to come up with a catchy title for your next photography blog, a fun pun to use in an Instagram caption, some quick facts to share, or even something to offer in your business, a tool like ChatGPT can help.

It’s kind of like a more conversational Google. Ask it for synonyms, different ways of saying things, definitions, ideas—and then take what you like and customize it as you please.

The team at meet pepper, a marketing agency for photographers, gathering around a table to brainstorm marketing ideas for photographers.

Prompts for brainstorming ideas with AI:

  • Give me 10 headline ideas for a blog about…
  • Tell me some fun one-liners/puns/jokes using the word…
  • What are some different ways of saying…
  • What are 10 fun ideas for an offering from a [your genre] photographer…
  • What are some ways I could connect online with [your target audience]…
  • Give me some outside-of-the-box ideas for ways to promote [your offering]…
  • What’s the best workflow for…

Keep it real: Remember that your brain is capable of coming up with cool and unique ideas that an AI writer never could. Use AI as a way to bounce ideas around, get inspired, and pull those unique ideas out.

Writing AI social media captions

Coming up with new social media captions all the time can be a whole thing. And social media burnout is a real issue for many photographers.

So it’s understandable that many people are turning to AI for social media captions for photographers. Some social media scheduling tools, like Later, are even starting to implement AI caption writers right inside the platform

What it looks like scheduling an Instagram post and using Later's new AI caption tools, one of the ways photographers can use AI text generators to market their photography business.

Social media caption AI prompt ideas:

  • Write me a social media caption about…
  • Tell me something funny about [topic] and make it into a social media caption…
  • Give me some interesting facts about [topic] to use in a social media post…
  • Tell me a 50 word analogy for [topic] that would be relatable to…
  • Describe [scenario] in a whimsical/romantic/empowering way…

Keep it real: To put it bluntly…don’t just use AI to write all your social captions. It can be a helpful tool, but remember to add your own personality, voice, and ideas. Showing up authentically and building real connections is how photographers can use social media to their advantage. 

Using AI to write email copy

Client communications can take up a shit ton of time. Hopefully you’re already using a CRM and have automated some of your client relationships workflows—but writing emails can still be a huge timesuck. 

Using an AI generator to write emails for you can cut that down right down. Especially if there are any emails you’ve been procrastinating—you know, those emails where you just don’t know how to say what you need to say. 

AI prompts for writing emails:

  • Write me an email explaining…
  • Give me a welcoming greeting for a new photography client who…
  • How to simply explain a policy about…
  • Write a few sentences respectfully declining a request for…

Keep it real: Remember to add a personal touch—your clients notice and appreciate it.

Using AI to write newsletters

Speaking of using AI for emails, how about newsletters?

We love email marketing here at Pepper. We share helpful tips and fun inspo for photographers in our own newsletter all the time and it’s a real hit. But a common roadblock for photographers is simply not knowing what the heck to put in them. You can use AI text generators to help write portions of your newsletter or come up with ideas for what to write about.

AI prompts for newsletters for photographers:

  • Give me 10 tips for…
  • Summarize my new offering in 100 words: [paste offer]
  • Tell me 10 reasons why someone should…
  • What are some of the best [businesses relevant to what you do] in [your area]
  • Tell me some questions that [your ideal client] might have…
  • Give me some interesting topics about…
  • What could I write about in my newsletter to promote…

Keep it real: Same with social media captions, we really don’t recommend just writing all your newsletter with 100% AI. The whole point of newsletters is to create a more personalized experience and create a deeper connection. So sure, lean on AI for some help, but remember to be yourself and share something relatable with your audience. 

Using AI text generators for web copy 

If you haven’t heard us talk about the importance of SEO yet, stick around for a little while and you definitely will (and if you want to learn more about SEO before reading on, check out our blog about it). 

Your website is like the virtual home base of your business. It’s freaking important. And it’s also important that it has enough written copy to not only help potential clients understand the experience you offer, but to make search engines happy.

Two marketers working on a photographer's website and SEO together working on a laptop and a phone while sitting on a couch.

Free AI writing tools like ChatGPT might not be able to build you an entire optimized, on-brand website. But, that being said, if you are stuck for some web copy, AI can definitely help.

AI prompts for photography website copy:

  • Write me a 400 word optimized sales page to convince [your ideal client] why they should invest in [your offering]…
  • Give me 10 others ways to say [your tagline/value proposition]…
  • Write me 500 words about hiring a [genre] photographer in [your area] optimized for search engines…
  • What are some of the main objections for someone to hire a [your genre/style/price range] photographer, along with ways to overcome those objections…
  • What are some reasons why someone might want [what you offer]…

Keep it real: Personalize, personalize, personalize! You can use AI writing as a base but then go and add some of your own flair. As a photographer, who you are are a big part of the reasons why people want to work with you—so it’s important that your website showcases your personality. 

Also, if you’re not very SEO savvy, have an expert double check your website—both the content and the backend tech stuff. We offer SEO services if you need help! 

AI blog writing for photographers

There are a ton of reasons why photographers should have a blog

When done properly, blogs can help attract your dream clients to you. Sounds pretty nice, right? 

Part of doing it properly means doing it consistently. But writing blogs takes time and energy which can make that difficult. Not to mention some people just don’t enjoy writing.

The reality is that now, you could just have AI write a whole blog for you. Or, at least to write parts of it or help you come up with blog ideas.

Prompts for AI blog writing:

  • Give me 10 ideas for blogs promoting [your services]…
  • What are some ideas for blogs that would appeal to [your target audience]…
  • Write me 400 words optimized for search engines about [blog section topic]…
  • What are some questions about [your industry] that [people in your target audience] might be searching for online…
  • Write me an SEO title and meta description for a blog about [topic] using the keyword [keyword]

Keep it real: Since writing blogs is becoming a lot easier, that also means there’s going to be more competition. Adding a human touch to your blogs is going to be one of the best ways that you can stand out. Use AI for inspiration or even to give you a foundation for your blog, but make sure you personalize it and add your own SEO best practices if your goal is to show up on search engines. 

When it comes to using AI for blogging, it’s also important to note that the AI text generator won’t upload the blog, select/resize/upload your images, add alt text, add SEO titles and meta descriptions, and so on—which can all be quite time consuming on its own. 

When it comes to AI for photographers and marketing, the key is to use it in moderation

As helpful as it can be, artificial intelligence doesn’t actually know what happened at that photo session you’re featuring or the story of that client you’re hyping up. They weren’t there. AI doesn’t have all the stories and ideas you have in your heart and mind. AI doesn’t know what it feels like to work with you. 

Artificial intelligence is making it easier to create and share content on the web. But is it going to be the most compelling, thought-provoking, tear-jerking, heartwarming stuff out there? Probably not. 

In a way, knowing that there is likely an onslaught of content coming can be intimidating. But it’s also a bit comforting to think that there is a way you can stand out: By creating something human in a sea of stuff made by robots. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts about this! Follow us on Instagram and shoot us a DM (we promise a real human will answer you 😎).