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COVID-19: Discounted Digital Marketing Services for Badass Business Recovery (Promotion Expired)

**This promotion has expired and is no longer valid**
Okay fellow business owners, we know times are crazy. It sucks, there’s no doubt about it, and the most important thing right now is to keep ourselves and our communities safe. 

Stay up-to-date with the correct information regarding COVID-19 in Canada and the United States.
We’ve decided to offer discounted digital marketing services, to help businesses impacted by COVID-19 bounce back and recover like the badasses we know you are.
We see how people in our entrepreneurial communities are struggling, and we’ve been racking our brains trying to think of ways to help. The good news is that there are steps that we can take today to help ensure a quicker recovery once things return to normal.

woman using laptop while sitting on bed and holding a latte, discounted google ads and facebook ads for entrepreneursDiscounted Digital Marketing Services for Google Ads or Facebook Ads

So what’s the deal? We have highlighted what we expect to be our most popular offer here, but note we are also offering other discounted digital marketing services as well. This includes Google My Business set up, Pinterest and Instagram ads, and SEO services – so let’s chat and see what would work best for you! 

Our main package includes digital ad set up for Facebook or Google and 3 months of maintenance services for over 50% off.

Regular price for one platform: $3,150
But you’ll only pay: $1,485

Here’s what you get in this package.

We are waiving the set-up costs for our digital ads ($500 value). This includes:

  • Account setup
  • Tracking code installation
  • Guaranteed to be live within 3-5 business days

We are also waiving the campaign building costs for digital ads ($1,000 value). This includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Campaign strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Design

A 3-month commitment is required, which includes our monthly services which are also at a discounted rate of $495/month for one platform, or $745/month for both (normally $550 for one and $1,000 for both). This includes:

  • Up to 8 hours of monthly maintenance and campaign optimization
  • Monthly campaign report

Some other important things to note:

  • Monthly ad spend not included and must be provided separately (Facebook is planning to offer grants and ad credits to over 30,000 eligible small businesses – stay tuned!)
  • Package must be upgraded if ad spend exceeds $2,500
  • There is an additional cost of $250 (still 50% off) to set up both Facebook and Google ads
  • We are also offering discounts on Google My Business set up (41% off), Instagram and Pinterest digital ad services, and our SEO services. Just ask us to learn more!

How can implementing digital ads now help you in the future?

This downtime could be used as an opportunity to be proactive and set yourself up for success once this phase passes. It’s an investment in your business that can help you recover like a badass. Your future self will thank you — here’s why.

Coffee mug with word 'begin' on it sitting on a wood table, begin implemented discounted digital google ads or digital facebook ads now to help you in the futureIncrease your brand awareness (to the right people)

Digital ads can be targeted to your ideal audience, increasing your brand awareness (and generating leads… we discuss this further in the next point).
Facebook ads are a great way to capture attention and get the word out there about what you have to offer. This is true for all social media ads, including Instagram and Pinterest (we do that too). It’s a way to reach people with specific interests or in certain communities and be like Hey, look! I can help you! Don’t you, forget about me…
Google ads only appear for relevant search terms, which is awesome because those people are already showing an interest in what you have to offer. People use Google to solve problems — they are literally searching for a solution, which could very well be you! But first they need to know that you exist. Amirite?

Boost your future income by generating leads with digital ads

Lead generation takes time. By putting in the effort now, you’re increasing your chances of bringing in future leads. So later on you can spend less time worrying about where to find customers, and more time having fun with your friends (or drinking wine and watching Love is Blind, we don’t judge). 
Digital ads are an amazing lead generation tool because you can reach a lot of people, but in a targeted and purposeful way. 

It’s some of the best advertising bang for your buck

Digital ads are sold on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis — which means exactly what it sounds like. You only pay when people click.
That means that every time you pay, it’s for a potential lead. They’re very affordable compared to traditional forms of advertising — plus, you can set your budget and the ads will automatically stop once it’s reached, so you never have to worry about going over.
Woman in a mustard yellow sweater working on her laptop at home, reading about Pepper's discounted digital marketing services offered during the Covid-19 outbreakThere is bidding and other kinda complicated stuff involved, but don’t worry, we are experts and guide you through all those decisions. You’re in good hands! 

It’s a great time to buy digital ads

You know how we mentioned bidding? As in any market, when there are less bidders, prices tend to drop. Less demand means more supply.
Since many companies are cutting their advertising budgets right now, the competition (and therefore prices) for some ads could drop. It’s a buy low situation. Get in while the gettin’ is good because it’s probably not going to last forever.

Your competitors might already be doing it

Although many businesses are cutting back on their ad spend budgets, it’s likely that some of your competitors are already taking advantage of this downtime to tighten up their marketing game. 

Stay inspired despite the pandemic

Staying motivated right now can be tough. We get it, 100%.
Hand holding lightbulb in front of pink and blue sunset, stay inspired despite the pandemic with discounted digital marketing services from PepperDoing something special for your business now could help you stay committed to the goals you’ve been working so damn hard to achieve, despite everything that’s going on. It may even be the perfect time to come up with some fresh ideas, and hopefully you can come out of this whole thing feeling more inspired and fired up than ever.

Have questions about our discounted marketing services or whether they’re a smart option for you? Let’s chat! 

Kayleigh Zinger
Rockstar Content Creator
Pepper – Your Badass Business BFF Inc.