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Sapien Integrative Wellness

After completing his education as an acupuncturist, Michael Hanes was ready to build his very own brand—and we had a blast helping him do just that! With the integration of ancient theories and biomedicine, Sapien Integrative joins western and holistic medicine with respect and synergy.

Project Details

“Working with the Pepper team was a first-class experience. When the customer (myself) had a change of heart in where the design was going, their ability to pivot and go in a new direction was as easy as flicking a switch. Book in a call to discuss potential projects with them and their passion for creation and collaboration will have you hooked, lined and sinkered.”

Michael Hanes
Founder & Acupuncturist, Sapien Integrative Wellness

Brand Development

  • Name creation
  • Mission statement
  • Brand messaging
  • Tagline
  • Core logo
  • Secondary logo
  • Typemark
  • Colour palette
  • Typography
  • Mockups
  • Usage details and full brand guide