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The Stir

The Stir is a new community in Kamloops all about local food made by local people! We had the opportunity to start from scratch (pun intended) on this branding project, and had so much fun creating it.

Project Details

“Can’t say enough goodness about the Pepper team! They launched into our brand development project with loads of enthusiasm. Their streamlined process allowed us to easily give our input without much time commitment on our end and they quickly came back with assets that totally fit the bill. Pepper gladly let us make our little tweaks on colour and font until we were totally satisfied with the designs. Every member of the Pepper team was a pleasure to work with. 11/10 would recommend Pepper to any busy organization or entrepreneur that needs high quality creative work done fast!”

Kent Fawcet
Head of Marketing, The Stir

Brand Guide

  • Core logo
  • Secondary logo
  • Typemark
  • Colour palette
  • Tagline creation
  • Typography
  • Mockups
  • Usage details and full brand guide