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Newsletter Services

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Pepper’s Email Marketing will help you stay connected and generate leads

Imagine having a direct line of communication with people who have actively shown some kind of interest in what you have to offer. Wouldn’t that be so freaking nice?! One can can dream, right? *insert email marketing strategies*

Email marketing can help you:

Having a solid newsletter strategy can be a game-changer

  • Stay connected and top-of-mind with past clients who might be interested in working with you again, purchasing additional items from you, or referring you to a friend.
  • Stay connected with others in your industry to build fruitful relationships.
  • Generate fresh leads and open a line of communication with potential clients.
  • Give back to those who support you.
  • Get your work and content in front of more people.
  • Get more bookings, sell more shit, and make more money hunny.

Something we love about newsletter marketing is that it’s easy to personalize and it’s a place where you can pack in a ton of value. Some people are hesitant as they don’t want to “clutter up” people’s inboxes or come across as ~AnNoYiNg~ and that’s understandable. But think about your own inbox. While we all get those annoying sales emails, most of us are also subscribed to a few newsletters that we find really valuable. So our goal here is to help your business become one of those businesses.

Stay connected with clients who are already interested in what you do

Pepper’s list of Newsletter Services

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters
  • Account setup if required
  • Strategies for building your email list
  • Newsletter sign-up forms
  • Newsletter design services
  • Easy-to-use newsletter templates that match your brand
  • Newsletter ideas and content writing services
  • Automated welcome emails
  • Newsletter analytics

Give a little and get a lot with strategic freebies and automated nurture sequences

Lead magnets + email marketing funnels

  • Lead magnet and nurture sequence strategies
  • Lead magnet content creation and design
  • Newsletter marketing funnel opt-in forms
  • Newsletter marketing funnel content creation and design
  • Automated email marketing funnels

Which email marketing platforms are included in Pepper Newsletter Services?

The Pepper team has worked with multiple different email marketing tools including MailchimpKlaviyoConstant Contact, and Convertkit. However, our go-to is Flodesk!

Why does the Pepper team love Flodesk for newsletter marketing for businesses?

We love Flodesk because it’s easy to use and you can make really aesthetically pleasing branded newsletter templates. It definitely has more design and stylistic functionality than most of the other email marketing platforms out there.

Plus, it still has all the newsletter automation features we love (like the ability to create automated email workflows) and—best of all—it’s affordable (especially when you use our special Pepper friends Flodesk discount)!