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Take advantage of one of the best modern marketing tools out there with Pinterest

Pinterest Services

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Using Pinterest Services for Marketing is a No Brainer

Do you freaking LOVE Pinterest? Pinterest (which is actually search engine, not a social media platform) is an often underrated tool in the marketing space, but we know how to maximize it for your business.

Pinterest is a place where you can showcase your work and grab the attention of your target audience, who are often actively shopping on the platform.

Our Pinterest management can help you:

  • Increase brand awareness so the right people can connect with you
  • Increase your web traffic and turn leads into paying clients
  • Build your authority online positioning you as the go-to expert in your industry

We work together to

We do more than make your Pinterest pretty

  • Create you a personalized Pinterest content strategy designed to help you meet your greater business goals.
  • Clean up your existing boards making you look like a seasoned Pinterest pro people can’t wait to follow.
  • Set up and schedule pins your audience loves, and tweaking based on your analytics along the way.
  • Check your insights and measure your results to promote meaningful outcomes for your business (AKA, more interested eyeballs on your amazing stuff).

Pinterest: The Marketing Tool You’re Not Using but should be

Pinterest is often grouped in with social media platforms, but did you know: It’s actually a search engine!

Like Google, but pretty.

On social media platforms, the timeframe when your post is likely to get noticed is pretty short-lived. Plus, your post is competing with allllll the other posts on your followers’ feeds. We love social media, but let’s be honest—it’s pretty cluttered out there.

When it comes to Pinterest, on the other hand, your posts (AKA “Pins”) can grow in popularity as time goes on. They keep working for you long after you’ve posted ‘em, and they can be found through relevant keyword searches. In this sense, it’s more similar to how a blog post can be found on Google.

The differences between Pinterest and Google

  • Since Google indexes pretty much everything on the web, there is a lot of clutter and competition to deal with. You need to have your SEO pretty dang dialled in to get noticed there. Pinterest is a newer platform with less competition and clutter.
  • Pinterest is image-based, which makes it a great place for photographers and creatives to show off their work.
  • Pinterest is heavily used for inspiration and shopping, which makes it a rad place for photographers and creatives to market their stuff.

Pinterest is always evolving, meaning it stays fresh for users in a way that keeps them engaged – great for business owners who want to utilize it for their marketing!