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PepperCast Episode 11 with Tinted Photography: Pivoting During the Pandemic

It’s the eleventh episode of the PepperCast, with guests Ben and Sirjana from Tinted Photography! The PepperCast is a podcast and video series where Pepper’s badass CEO and Founder, Stacey Owen, has real chats with incredible photographers and creative entrepreneurs around the world.
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PepperCast Interview with Tinted Photography

We were so freaking excited to have Ben and Sirjana from Tinted Photography on this episode of the PepperCast! Tinted Photography offers photography for adventurous elopements and couples sessions. They’re also the clever minds behind When Light Falls, a brand coaching business for photographers and other entrepreneurs. 
Not only is their work absolutely amazing, but Ben and Sirjana are some of the raddest people we know. Having been nomads and traveling while they work (all over the globe!) for the past three years, these two truly embrace an adventurous lifestyle. 
Sirjana and Ben from Tinted Photography, recently interviewed on the PepperCast, standing with their car in the dessert.
But, like most travelers and business owners, the pandemic changed things for Sirjana and Ben.
In this episode of the PepperCast, Tinted Photography and Stacey Owen talk about COVID-19 (because, let’s be honest, how can you not?) and how this year has forced people to—as mid-90’s Ross would put it—PIVOT! 
At first, Ben and Sirjana avoided blaming 2020 for anything.
“It’s not 2020 because, as you would know, as artists, every year is so challenging. What we do, it’s not nine to five. We don’t go do the same job every day, over and over again. So every day presents new challenges.”
They mention that it was only recently that the truth about how different 2020 has been really hit them.

“It’s been very recently. It’s just very recently that all of that has started resonating. And I think that’s because everything that’s happening politically in the world, has now started showing up in our work so much more. And in our talks.”

But the three also talk about how hopefully, some good things will come from all the chaos. 
For example, one positive thing that has come from the 2020 pandemic is, ironically, connection. Despite the pandemic keeping people apart physically, it’s also been a catalyst for new relationships, like the one between Stacey and the Tinted Photography duo.
Ben and Sirjana from Tinted Photography sitting together on a brown couch in front of a white brick wall.
A little backstory: Stacey met Ben and Sirjana (virtually, of course) during the pandemic and Tinted Photography ended up speaking at the first round of Conference + Chill—a virtual photo gathering series for photographers that Stacey and Pepper started to help people stay connected and inspired despite COVID restrictions. 
This is just one example of the new connections and ideas that came from this crazy ass year. So maybe 2020 doesn’t have to be seen as a total buzzkill. 
Ben, Sirjana and Stacey also talk about how 2020 has brought about feelings of gratitude and the chance to re-focus on their passions. Some other topics chatted about include Tinted Photography’s brand mentoring business, the importance of knowing your ‘why’, both of their photography businesses, the power of ‘cheersing’, a book recommendation, and some VERY exciting news!
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Check out Tinted Photography’s work on their website and Instagram.
Two popular photographers laying on a dock together surrounded by gorgeous clear waters showing blue pools and sand.
We hope you enjoy the episode and remember to feel those feels, that good things can come from crappy situations, and that you’re not alone in your struggles this year. ❤
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