PepperCast Episode 12 with Bryan Caporicci of Sprout Studio: New Opportunities Despite the Challenges

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It’s the twelfth episode of the PepperCast, with Bryan Caporicci, CEO and founder of Sprout Studio! The PepperCast is a podcast and video series where Pepper’s badass CEO and Founder, Stacey Owen, has real chats with incredible photographers and creative entrepreneurs around the world.

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PepperCast Interview with Bryan Caporicci   

We are stoked that fellow Canadian, Bryan Caporicci—also the CEO and founder of Sprout Studio—joined Stacey for this episode of the PepperCast! Bryan is a successful wedding, family, and boudoir photographer—who says in the episode that he actually had a photography business before he owned a camera—and also the badass behind Sprout Studio, a studio management suite for photographers. 

Not only is he a successful entrepreneur, but also a husband and dad of three kids! Superman in the house! 

For most photographers and entrepreneurs, 2020 was difficult. It shook us and forced everyone to pivot hard and pivot fast. Bryan was no exception to that, as his team over at Sprout Studio all had to move to remote work and adapt to the new norm. He and Stacey discussed this and related so deeply to the heaviness that comes with having a business in an industry that lost so much work in such a short time while trying to keep their staff employed amidst the uncertainties. 

Bryan and Stacey are two of the most positive people you could meet, so it’s no surprise that 2020 didn’t break them. In this episode, they discuss how imperative it has been to find new ways to survive financially, mentally, and otherwise. They both feel that because of the unrelenting challenges that the pandemic brought up, photographers and creative entrepreneurs were fast-tracked five years. There was no room for slow and steady, and there were probably more “Hail Mary” moments or ideas that stemmed from people during such a trying time. And it is often in those moments where the most growth happens, amiright?! 

These two also discussed the huge influx of new photographers, which was absolutely some silver lining in an industry that was experiencing darkness and difficulty. It proved that people still saw the potential and the beauty in following their dreams even when the odds may have been stacked against them. They also both recognize the importance of business in photography and how this is the time to build it all exactly how you want but to always implement strategies so the business can be successful. 

Bryan Caporicci of Sprout Studio

One theme throughout this episode was that both Stacey and Bryan felt that the pandemic offered them the chance to come up with new ideas and take advantage of new opportunities to grow. As Bryan said: 

“We’ve had to adapt and we’ve had to think outside the box.”

Bryan and Stacey talked about the opportunities that presented themselves in spite of the isolation, the restrictions, and the uncertainties we were all facing. It’s really inspiring to hear, from two highly-respected and successful photographers and entrepreneurs, that even when shit is hitting the fan, there is always a chance to find the silver lining and make amazing changes for the better. 

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We hope you enjoy the episode and felt the positivity from these two badass photographers, inspiring entrepreneurs, and all-around rad humans. ❤

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