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Pic-Time vs. Pixieset | Online Galleries for Photographers

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Trying to decide between Pic-Time and Pixieset for your online photo gallery? Well, we’ve worked with plenty of photographers (and many of us actually are photographers), so you know we have some opinions on the matter! 

AND, you know that when we have ‘em, we love to share ‘em with you so that you can make the best gosh dang decision for your biz.

Photo Galleries for Photographers: Pic-Time or Pixieset?

If you’re researching different online photo gallery options, you’re already aware of how freaking important this tool is for photographers. 

Once upon a time, photographers would deliver digitals on a CD. Well now, the last time most of us used a CD was when we felt nostalgic for a banging mix that an old crush made for us years ago (which you have to listen to in your old-ass car because…um…my Bose doesn’t play CDs). 


Even USB drives are becoming obsolete as a way to pass photos over to clients. 

Online gallery software and digital downloads are where it’s at. 

Plain and simple. 

It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s convenient, and there are several gallery websites out there to choose from—many of which continue to improve and add new features as time goes on. 

Two, in particular, seem to be especially popular in the photography world: Pic-Time and Pixieset. 

What do both Pixieset and Pic-Time have to offer?

First of all, both are pretty rad options. 

In the end, either photography software will get the job done and get it done well. Like we mentioned above, we have experience in both softwares and neither one is going to leave you high and dry.

First, here’s what both Pixieset and Pic-Time have to offer:

  • Free options with commission fees, commission-free options, and unlimited storage options
  • Competitive pricing
  • Gorgeous photo galleries that will impress your clients
  • Print sale options
  • Good customer service

Now let’s get into the important stuff: what makes these two photography softwares different from each other.

Pixieset Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick breakdown of Pixieset

Pixieset is a Canadian company that was founded in 2013 and is a popular go-to for photo galleries.

Pixieset Benefits:

  • Offers a website option which is great if you don’t already have a website, aren’t very tech savvy, and just want something quick and easy. That being said, the features and customizability are limited. Pssst…don’t forget about optimizing your photography website for SEO!
  • Super simple and easy to use in the backend.
  • Clients can make a Favorite Image List.
  • Has a mobile app that can be used for online galleries.


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Pixieset Challenges:

  • No GIF preview in the client gallery.
  • Less customizability of the look of your gallery and grid.
  • Clients don’t have the ability to make their own albums.

Pic-Time Pros and Cons

Alright, now let’s dive into Pic-Time. This photo gallery tool was founded in Israel in 2016 and has been upping their game ever since.

Back-end of Pic-Time, a gallery software for photographers.


Pic-Time Benefits:

  • It’s connected with many print companies worldwide. Over 30, actually!
  • The store has a significant amount of products to choose from, which can help increase your passive income as a photographer.
  • The storefront is included in the online gallery, making it easy for clients to find and purchase from.
  • It offers automations and campaigns that can help you stay in touch with clients and earn more passive income as a photographer
  • The storefront is really attractive and clients can create their own albums within it. You can also create products, such as albums, for your clients and send them a link to review and approve! Pretty incredible tool!
  • The free version offers more storage.
  • It recently added a slideshow option that will be sure to wow your clients and can be used as an add-on purchase.
  • It’s continually updating with new features, new lab partners, and the support team is incredible.


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Pic-Time Challenges:

  • It’s slightly more complex to learn and navigate in the backend, because it offers more options. 

So, Which is Better—Pic-Time or Pixieset?

Like we said before, both options are good and probably won’t leave you banging your head against the wall (we’ll leave that to the neverending hours of editing).


In the end, it’s about whichever platform works best for YOU and what you need for your photography business. 

What have you used to create galleries in the past? Have you tried Pic-Time and/or Pixieset? Do you have a favourite? We’d love to know and to hear more about your experiences! 

You can learn about more kickass tools and software for photographers here (complete with special discounts!)

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