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Passive Income for Photographers | Pepper, Your BFF + PIC-TIME

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Are you, like most photographers these days, looking for passive income ideas to boost your bottom line? As a photographer, it’s likely that 2020 affected your business in some way and required you to think outside of the box or ‘pivot’! (Yeah, we’re kinda tired of that word too, but it just fits so dang well in so many situations!)


We photographers are damn lucky; we have so many tools and options available to us for running our businesses. It’s INCREDIBLE!!! But, sometimes we can feel bombarded with software programs, pricing guides, branding opinions, etc. It’s even more intense when we are trying to think of which way to turn next and what changes, or additions, might increase revenue. We’re told to do in-person sales, not waste our time with in-person sales, offer printed products, let our customers sort it out and just send them the digital downloads…blah, blah, blah. And YET, the word passive income doesn’t seem to be discussed very often. 

What the hell is it? Well, it’s something we don’t always think of as photographers—obviously—but passive income, is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain

Passive Income doesn’t sound so bad!!

Consider this for a minute: Passive income allows you to continue to offer your clients beautiful products & gifts and create additional income for yourself, even after your client’s first initial photo session and investment! Boom!

prints of a couple inside a wooden box sitting beside a wooden USB shows products that create passive income

At Pepper, we are always sharing photography tools that we believe will boost your biz and help you achieve that work–life balance, but we also know you have to try different things and choose the ones that jive with your biz vibe. 

But we still like to ask you the hard questions like, “What’s going to streamline your business so you can be profitable?!” Yeah, I’m asking you!!! It’s great to work your dream job and create a life worth living, but shit, let’s face it, you gotta make the money honey!! Then you, too, can be playing on the beach or doing something else your heart desires!!!

Mixed race family walks along the beach with their little boy between them and mom holding the baby

Just an idea for passive income…a possible solution—Pic-Time!

So, in 2021, how can you make an income and stay in business during a pandemic, when you may have to deal with fewer weddings and fewer in-person sales? Easy! Use Pic-Time!!! Pic-Time has put it all together—gorgeous galleries that are easy for clients to navigate, built-in marketing campaigns & automation, and a storefront that’s already partnered with professional imaging companies around the world! Insane, am I right?! 

Set Up Your Pic-Time Store

Image galleries are usually beautiful and our clients can usually navigate through them, but it can also stop there for a lot of shooters. Offering products (such as prints, canvasses, wall art, etc.) means a lot of legwork. We need to research pricing, order products, take some branding photos of those products, search emails, create a newsletter to get the word out…the list goes on! Phew, We’re tired just thinking about it. Setting up passive income the usual way can seem like too much work to set up!! That’s where Pic-Time will blow your mind.

Selling prints and other products to your clients is a fantastic way to increase your passive income as a photographer. When your clients see your Pic-Time store, they will see the images from their gallery, along with an album, canvas, or framed prints populated with their favourite images! With Pic-Time’s store, there’s no need to photograph your products and this means that you can have your store up and running within a day to sell prints and other products to your clients.

a collage of Pic-time store products as passive income examples, including prints, albums, cards, calendars and frames

In the Pic-Time store, you’ll be able to request your product orders to be filled by any of the professional print companies that Pic-Time has partnered with (over 30 from all over the world!). Your store is completely customizable—allowing you to offer any of the products they have set up, plus the option of creating your own! 

 How To Get Clients to Your Pic-Time Store 

So, just how will you get your clients to see your Pic-Time store? Marketing automation!

 Pic-time has things set up for us, let me tell you! They have created the loveliest email options where you can:

  • offer your clients a discount or coupon to visit your store
  • set up holiday campaigns
  • offer anniversary gift incentives
  • offer abandoned cart incentives
  • offer your clients a coupon or a certain number of prints when their gallery is ready!
  • offer so much more!

 Pepper loves how endless the Pic-Time Store options are.

Screenshot of a sample Pic-Time campaign and email layout

Pic-Time is Rad & Pepper is Pic-Time Certified!

You will never be left hangin’ with Pic-Time! They offer incredible YouTube videos, blogs, and rad customer support. The resources that they provide for their photographer clients seem endless and, since the founders are photographers themselves, they know what it takes to operate a business! We Peppers are thrilled to spend time with these incredible people, learn from them, and call them our friends! 

Pepper and Pic-Time have a rad relationship and we jive well because Pepper also understands photographers, creative entrepreneurs, and what they need to run a successful business. We also know that entrepreneurs have A LOT on their plate and to find that elusive work–life balance, they need to focus on what is in their wheelhouse. Lucky for you, Pepper is now Pic-Time certified and can set up your store and run campaigns for you! WAHOOO!!! Not only can your store be up and running in a day to get more sales flowing your way, BUT, if your time is better spent with your clients, you don’t even have to do it!! Just leave it up to Pepper! Can I get an amen?

We made over $2000 in sales in Pic-Time, with the help of Pepper! They launched an engaging campaign for our newly migrated galleries and it was so successful.

Shari + Mike, Wedding Photographers

Want to Hire These Magical Pepper People?

If you’re curious about Pic-Time—whether it will work for you or how it can help—or if you’ve started your setup already and need a little help, we gotchu! Book a 15 minute, free consultation with Troi, our Pic-time Queen, or contact Pepper for more info 😃. Let’s grab a coffee and see if Pepper can help you rock some of this passive income goodness!