Dubsado: The Ultimate CRM for Creative Entrepreneurs

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What is Dubsado, and is it the right CRM tool for you?

Well, do you ever wake up in a cold sweat, worrying about how in the actual hell you’re going to manage your creative business? Navigating multiple software programs for client management, missing invoices and meetings, forgetting important project tasks and details, spending neverending hours on mundane business tasks…it’s LITERALLY the stuff of nightmares. 

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Some people may say we’re being dramatic, but we beg to differ. Because we’ve been there, and the truth is that as a creative entrepreneur, the fear of burnout is REAL. No matter how much you love what you do, there are always those pesky, time-consuming (yet essential) tasks that steer your focus away from the reason you started in the first place.

We’re all about helping creative entrepreneurs avoid burnout and achieve a kickass work–life balance—which is why we think Dubsado is pretty dang cool.

What is Dubsado?  

Dubsado is a CRM (Client Management System) specially designed for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. It’s basically an all-around business management solution to help take care of all those aforementioned pesky—yet essential—business tasks.

The company was created by a husband and wife duo who saw a need for a more all-encompassing CRM software for the creative community. And boy, did they ever nail it! It’s become a really popular CRM for photographers and other creative entrepreneurs. Like Regina George, but a lot friendlier. 

Dubsado’s growth since its inception is impressive, and you’ll see why after reading this blog. But despite the company’s growth, they’ve maintained that same community-oriented, family-like feel that so many of its clients fell in love with (seriously, their customer service is bomb!). 


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Dubsado Features

Here’s a quick overview of some of the Dubsado features that should be on your radar:


Stellar client communication is key when running a successful small business. As important as it is, it can also be hella time consuming. Dubsado makes client communication easier with templates for emails, forms, contracts, invoices and more—all in one place.

While Dubsado helps track your communications, you’re still able to personalize them and they send from your own email. It cuts the time and confusion down significantly, without losing that personal touch!

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There are certain business tasks that can totally be automated, helping you save time and avoid missed steps. Dubsado allows users to create custom workflows, like automatically sending emails and completing tasks.

For example, you can have your invoices sent automatically at the end of every month (because it helps you create those, too!), or auto-sending follow up emails to clients with a link to your Google Review page. 


Dubsado’s set of features is pretty legendary, but you may still use some other software programs to run your creative business. The good news is that Dubsado can be integrated with tons of other popular programs, including emails, calendars and payment processors, so everything is still connected and accessible from one place.

You can integrate Dubsado with Stripe, WordPress, SquareSpace, Cloudspot, Quickbooks, Zoom, Xero, Wave, Trello, Asana, Mailchimp, SMS, Email, Slack, G Suite and more using Zapier

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Stats reporting is a huge pain point for many creative entrepreneurs. Setting goals is one thing, but tracking your progress, figuring out what’s working and spotting opportunities is a whole other beast.

Dubsado allows businesses to track leads, generate reports, set financial goals and more. It encourages users to celebrate the little wins, which is just so darn nice. 


Dubsado is full of handy templates, but the best part is that they’re customizable. You can design forms, domains, client portals and more to match your brand, voice, and needs.

We love that it’s not just a one-size-fits-all kind of situation. Your business is unique, and your tools should be, too!


Running a small business can be freakin’ hectic sometimes. Luckily, Dubsado has some great scheduling features to make life a little easier. 

Book appointments, create payment schedules, send automatic reminders and more. Booya.

Client management

Probably one of the most important features of all—client management. Dubsado allows you to capture leads, maintain communication, organize projects and tasks, and more.

Gone are the days of having multiple spreadsheets to keep track of clients, or hand-written to-do lists that—let’s be honest—tend to go missing now and then (Did I accidentally throw it away? Did the dog eat it? Did I eat it in my sleep during a small-business-stress-induced nightmare sleepwalk?). 

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Dubsado Benefits

Still not convinced? Well, here’s how using Dubsado can benefit you as a photographer or creative small business owner.


Arguably the most valuable resource we have. Dubsado is a CRM that goes above and beyond to “cut out the busywork” and streamline your workflow, meaning you get to spend less time on the business stuff and more time on the stuff that matters to you most.

More time = More profit

Putting less time into the behind-the-scenes part of your business means that you’ll make more moolah per hour, and can even take on more or larger projects if you wish. Ca-ching!

More time = Better work

The more time you’re able to spend on your craft, the better it will be. Not having to stress over the tedious stuff will free up time and energy that you can put into your work.

More time = Better mental health

As small business owners, it’s easy to forget to take care of #1. But you deserve to find balance. Believe it or not, you CAN have a successful business AND stay healthy and happy—with a little help. And we can help with that, too

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Build relationships

Dubsado makes it easier to manage your clients, which means it’s easier for you to build long-lasting relationships. Use Dubsado’s communication and automation tools to keep communication consistent and top-of-mind. This is also a huge win for potential referrals!

Build your reputation

You’re good at what you do—but being organized, consistent, and professional are important components of your reputation as a small business. And Dubsado helps with all of that. 

It’s an affordable CRM

Dubsado’s pricing is very reasonable—especially with the 20% discount you get when you use the discount code ‘Pepper’ at the checkout!

Ready to chillax a bit? Click here to learn more about Dubsado.

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